The Secret Society review and tips

the secret society

The Secret Society: Hidden Mysteries is a free game for Android created by G5 Games that is making heavy use of the “find objects in picture” type of game play. The game features other game modes so but the majority of quests that you complete in the game are object finding ones.

Your uncle disappears in the game under mysterious circumstances leaving you as his only heir.  You have inherited your uncle’s power  to jump into photographs, and have taken his place in the Order of the Seekers as well.

The game board displays a number of rooms to you, the majority unlocked at the beginning of the game.  The game walks you through the main game mechanics in a tutorial before you can investigate the available options on your own.

You can jump into any open room to play a “find the object” game in that room. A number of objects are displayed with their names that you need to find in the photo before the time runs out.

Later on, things get difficult when the objects are replaced by shades depicting them or morphing objects.

You can zoom in on the map using touch and select objects with a tap on them on the screen.

Puzzle pieces are awarded to you sometimes which you need to unlock new rooms.

A total of 14 rooms and three additional puzzle games are available currently in the game. While that sounds like much, it only really means that you will play the very same game on using a different background.

Probably the biggest issue here is that the objects that you need to find do not change depending on which room you enter. While that is helpful in terms of recognition, it is not in terms of long term fun or authenticity.  Finding a beach ball in a Buddhist temple or the Mona Lisa in a canal in Venice is not helping the game in this regard.

secret society

The second issue is the game’s zoom functionality which is slow so that you have to zoom in multiple times which costs valuable time and is a frustrating experience.

The third issue are the loading times which you get when you jump into a room and out of it again.

The final issue that I have with the game are the shop popups that appear ever so often on the screen.

If you do not want to spend real-money playing the game, you need to wait for your energy level to replenish before you can continue playing. Each room you visit requires a certain amount of energy and when you run out, you cannot jump into more rooms.

Energy is replenished by 1 every three minutes so that you have to wait 30 minutes to get 10 energy, the required amount to enter a room.

Not all is bad though. The graphics are really great for a mobile game and even though they do not change much, they are beautiful to look at. The game board to and the story narrations are beautifully done.

Secret Society Tips

  • Strength points are similar to Energy points, only that they are needed to perform actions in your friend’s games.
  • Fresh juice, Apples, Sport drinks and Walnuts increase Strength, not energy.
  • For each action in a friend’s game, you get 10 reputation which increases your social activity level in the game. This helps you hire more friends to help you in different locations of the game.
  • You need money (gold) to unlock new rooms in the game and to buy some items in the shop.
  • Crystals are needed to buy the majority of shop items.

The Secret Society: Hidden Mysteries Video


The game is well designed and lets you play for quite a while a day without paying any money. The major issues found in it dampen the fun considerable though and even though you may enjoy to play it for a day or two, you may quickly come to realize that the quests that you get and the tasks you complete are not diverse enough to keep you entertained for longer.

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